Yom Kippor 5771 – The Fashion Show – by Michelle Young Mond

Tishrei 5771
The Fashion Show
By Michelle Young Mond, Sharfmans 04-06

It’s one of the most important days of the year, Everyone will be there,
You have to dress your best, or everyone will stare.
Spending hours in the store, finding the most flattering, slimming dress,
With those matching peep-toe stilettos, your preparations a success.
For your kids, only the finest Chanel and Louis Vuitton,
And your teen girls dressed in the tightest silk and pink chiffon.
All ready for the day, ready for your fashion show,
You and your children walk the run-way, off to synagogue you go.

Holding your prayer-book, thoughts run through your mind,
“What’s with that lady’s outfit? She must be color blind…”

“Oh no, the wind messed up my hair, I hope I look okay.”
Thoughts keep swirling in your mind, while the others pray.
The focus of your preparations, the lack of priorities,
Put the spotlight on your externals, It’s the people who you need to appease.

My child you think that people are judging you, that’s why your focus is on looking your best,
The truth of the matter is that it’s all just a mind-game, for you it’s just a test.
It’s not the people who are looking, or judging what you wear outside,
It’s Me, Hashem, who’s judging you, and I only care about what’s inside.
You spent so many hours preparing, in just the wrong way,
You were focused on what others would think, or anticipating what others would say.
Did you once sit down in front of your King and thank him for your life?
Instead of sitting in front of the mirror, making sure your make-up was 100% right?

I’m the only one judging you on this judgment day,
And all you have to think about is how attractive you’ll look while you “pray”?
Of course you should look presentable; I want you to look nice and fine.
You’re a bas-Melech and you should dress as such, but not making your tznius borderline.
I love you my child, and I know you did not realize,
So hopefully next time you’ll know how to prioritize.
I’m judging your character and middos, how you treat human-kind,
And on top of all of that, I would like you to look refined.

I’ve given you a body to clothe the neshama, and it acts like a shell,
When your neshama was brought down it needed a body in which it would dwell.
After 120 years, your body lifts off like a coat,
And what’s left are all the internal things you used life to promote.
Remember that I love you, and focus on what’s important today,
Remember that I’m the only one judging, and I can’t wait to hear you pray.