Tishrei 5772 – Taking A Second Look At Ourselves

Taking A Second Look At Ourselves Tishrei 5772
Taking A Second Look At Ourselves
by Mrs. Chana Silver


It’s a serious time of introspection. When people start thinking about trying to work on themselves – they get very overwhelmed and depressed. It seems so huge and unreachable. They think “how in the world will I ever really be the person who I really truly want to be?”

But Hashem has laid out a way for us:

TESHUVA – to rectify the past and to forge into our future.

The Meiri says:

“From the time that one commits to repent,
even if the actual realization of that commitment
is a long and difficult process, ones status changes upon the commitment,
and one is already called a Chasid – a Pious person

Imagine. We haven’t even started teshuva yet – and Hashem already calls us pious! What will be when we actually accomplish teshuva!

Hashem love us soooooo much and is ALL giving ALL merciful ALL wanting us to be the best we can be. If we can only get the game going – just look where we can land up!

The medrish in Beraishis Rabbah 22 – 3 says that ” V’yetzei Kayin melifnei Hashem.” That Kayin came out of his judgment [for having killed Hevel] and he runs into Adam. Adam asked him what happened – and he replies that his sentence was reduced to 1/2! Because he did teshuva!!

Adam smacks himself on the forehead and immediately goes and writes Mizmor Shir L’yom Hashabbos – where is says Tov L’hodos L’shem – We are told not to read it L’hodos – but to read it ‘Tov L’hisvados L’shem – it is good to confess before Hashem.

The depth of the medrish is that Adam forgot the strength and power of teshuva!! How awesome it is indeed! The 1st murder of the world – gets reduced to 1/2 because Kayin did teshuva! How wonderous! What a gift! Teshuva doesn’t seem to make sense – but so it is! It is l’ma’ala min hatevah.

Hashem love us so very very much – we are soo very very dear to Him! Banim Atem L’shem. He accepts us fully with our imperfect natures and loves us unconditionally! No matter how far down we sink, He always leaves the door open and gently nudges us to the right direction.

We have to remember that a relationship is as strong as the one who wants it the least. Well, that’s us! Hashem wants total connection to us – but it is us that is holding things back.

This whole time period is not a time of depression! It is a time of favor, change, great simcha! It is time to make contact with Hashem in a different way than at other times of the year.

It is a time to clean and refocus our glasses….. and to take a serious second look at things.

We need to empower ourselves to do that!

How do I keep my halacha? Shabbos? Kashrus? Brachos? Tzniyus?
What are my dealings with my parents?
How are my interpersonal connections? Do I see the Tzelem Elokim in others and build it up?
Who am I really? Where am I really at?

There’s sooo much at stake now! Isn’t your Neshama worth the effort? To think? To grow?
Go For It!!!! You are a special one time event!
You have a living life to live!

Gmar Chasima Tova!
With Warmest Wishes,