Tefillah Corner

“Yehi Ratzon… shetishlach meheira Refuah Shleima..  Refuas Hanefesh uRefuas Haguf…”

We ask for a small donation for submitting your tefillah. The donation goes towards paying the people who make JemSem possible so that we can be Marbitz Torah and give Chizuk to Klal Yisroel, and may it be a zechus for the person whose name you have posted.

There is a $5.50 donation for submitting your Tefillah request, and $2 for each additional request. Once we have received your payment, we will post your Tefillah request on the JemSem site for a duration of 30 days. Thank you!

It is standard to first say Perek 121 or 130 from Tehillim, then the issue [refuah shelaiyma, shidduch…etc], followed by the name. In the zechus of davening for others, you should merit to have your Tefillos answered speedily! “Kol hamispallel al chaveiroh, na’anah t’chillah!”

Mazal bas Miriam
The teacher of a JemSem reader who has not been able to have a baby for almost 10 years.

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Updates should be sent in as they are available. People daven better when they know who & what they are davening for.

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Operation Refuah is an organization that promotes Ahavas Yisrael amongst all Jews in an attempt to bring merit for a refuah shelaimah for all cholim in all Jewish communities.