Tammuz 5770 – What Is The Proper Bracha for Granola?

Tammuz 5770
By Rabbi Moshe Rosenstein

What is the Proper Bracha for Granola?

The halacha is that if the grain undergoes a change and fits all of the following 3 criteria, the bracha is changed from ha’adamah to mezonos:

1) The grain is cooked in liquid.

2) The grain is broken down. And,

3) The pieces of grain are stuck together in their new form.

Granola present an interesting case of this halacha. Granola is made from oats that are broken up, baked dry and mixed together with dried fruit or other goodies to make a cereal or trail mix. Because the grains were never cooked in a liquid, they are missing a key step in the process of turning from a ha’adamah food into a mezonos food. Based on these rules, the halacha is as follows:

– Granola cereal or mixes – most poskim say the bracha remains borei pri ha’adamah.

– Granola bars – On crunchy granola bars, most poskim maintain that the bracha remains ha’adamah. Chewy granola bars, however, are made by actually cooking the grains as part of the process as well, and therefore their bracha is mezonos according to all opinions.