Shevat 5761 – Relating Tu B’Shevat to Our Avodas Hashem

Tu B’Shevat 5761

From the Desk of: Rabbi Ari Winter

The Mishna in Rosh Hashana states that Tu B’shvat is the Rosh Hashana L’ilan.
Why does it say Rosh Hashana L’ilan and not ilanot? The sefer Ohev Yisroel answers this based on another famous machlokes of when the world was created – Nissan or Tishrei? Both are correct. The world was created b’machshava in Tishrei and b’phoal in Nissan. Tishrei is “hayom haras olam”. Forty-five days before the conceptual creation is Tu B’Av the day of the shidduch between HaShem and His thought to create the world. Forty-five days before the actual creation (b’phoal) on Rosh Chodesh Nissan is Tu B’Shvat. Forty-five days before a human is born the fetus is fully developed. All that is left is for the sap to be filled in. Adam is forty-five in Gematria, the development of man culminated on Tu B’shvat. Rosh Hashana L’ilan is MAN – “ki ha’adam eitz ha’sadeh”.
Every year on Tu B’shvat we need to renew our commitment to Torah based on the Mishna that states you are not to take Ma’asser one year from the next. The Ma’asser are our Mitzvos and Hischadshus that need to take place every year. We can not rest on our laurels and must work hard to continue our growth.

Rabbi Ari Winter