Rosh Hashana 5771 – Being A Faithful Ambassador for Hashem – by Mrs. Chana Silver

Rosh Hashana 5771
Being a Faithful Ambassador for Hashem

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Many people wonder why Rosh Hashana comes before Yom Kippor. On Rosh Hashana there is no mention of teshuva, it is mostly all about crowning Hashem as king, whereas on Yom Kippor it is all about teshuva! Why not do it the other way?! Do teshuva on Rosh Hashana and then you can really connect and re-establish Hashem as king on Yom Kippor – doesn’t that make more sense?

There are several answers to this question. One answer that the ba’alei mussar explain is that if a person did it visa versa – their teshuva would just be lip service, because during the course of the year we can easily loose focus of who Hashem is and who we really are, and we many not be fully cognizant of the impact of the deeds that we have done in Hashem’s world.

To this end they explain that we should see ourselves as a Tzir Ne’eman a Faithful Ambassador for Hashem. You are a loyal and trustworthy servant of The Master. You are on a mission from GD. The task – to spread Hashem’s Malchus in the world and Kavod Shamayim.

Just as an ambassador or diplomat represent the king and country whom they come from, You represent Hashem. All of a person’s activities and conduct in the world should be to this end. With these thoughts in mind, a person can truly refocus Who Hashem is and who they themselves really are.

You aren’t a nobody. Your every action and endeavor matters – infinitely. You make a difference in the world with your behavior, thoughts, speech, dress – YOU are a Faithful Ambassador on a mission from GD! Your deeds aren’t in a vacuum!

Going into Rosh Hashana with this thought, can help and empower you to feel Hashem’s presence more clearly and with honor to re- crown Him as King, to understand your role in this world more deeply, and properly live through Aseres Yemai Teshuva and then do real teshuva on Yom Kippor.

You are an important person with a big job to do!! You should have great success!!

K’siva V’chasima Tova
With Warmest Wishes,