Nissan 5763

Pirkei Avos 1:7

“And do not despair from (G-d’s) retribution.”

At the end of Parshas Vayeishev, Rashi tells us that Yosef was punished (by Hashem) with an extra two years in Paroah’s prison because he relied on the butler’s putting a good word with Pharoah for his release. The commentaries wonder why that is a problem: he was merely doing his hishtatlus (human efforts)? The Chazon Ish says that Yosef knew that the butler was evil and had no interest in helping him. Therefore Yosef’s doing that was an act of desperation!! For that he was punished: A Jew should never despair-Hashem is always in control.


Rabbi Chaim Flom

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