Kislev 5772 – Tehillim on Shabbos for Someone Who is Sick

Kislev 5772
Tehillim on Shabbos for Someone Who is Sick
by Rabbi Aaron Tendler


L’chvod Harav

I learned in a lecture that we are not allowed to say tehillim for a sick person on Shabbos. We may say tehillim, of course, but we may not beseech Hashem for our needs on Shabbos.

The women at my Shul undertook to say tehillim for a healing calling out names of people and for some saying a specific psalm. From what I learned we are not permitted to do this and I mentioned this to a woman next to me. She said she would ask her sponsor and I said to ask a Rabbi because she may not know the halacha. I hope she was not offended.

I want to know if what I am thinking is correct in case I told her the wrong information. Also, please provide the sources.

Thank you for your question. The Shemiras Shabbos K’Hilchasa (Siman 40 Hlacha 49) discusses this issue, and states that it is permitted to say Tehillim publicly on Shabbos on behalf of someone who is in immediate danger to their lives. If there is no immediate danger, Tehillim should not be recited publicly, but may be recited by an individual privately.

Take care,

Rabbi Aaron Tendler