Kislev 5772 – Seeing the Lights, Gaining Clarity


Seeing the Lights, Gaining Clarity Kislev 5772
Seeing the Lights, Gaining Clarity
by Rabbi Yosef Cohen



Lichvod JemSem,

As Chanukah approaches, I would like to write a few words of chizuk that perhaps we can be inspired by.

Today the world of Greece is irrelevant.

Financially bankrupt, Politically insignificant, militarily weak. I am confident that non of you have ever bought anything that says on the label or packet ” made in Greece” ( besides Israeli potato chips!!]

Yet, it is a grave error to think that Yovon is history.

Rashi in parshas Toldos refers to Italy {edom} as “Italya shel yovon” since when is Edom shel Yovon? The answer is, that we are being taught here that the superficial outlook of Yovon has stained golus Edom too.

The “grease” stain of Yovon / Greece has not disappeared.

Since the days of Yefes covering his father for different reasons than Shem, there have been two ways of viewing people, nature, world events etc. We can look at the world and be seduced by the external trappings, or we can choose to see a deeper meaningful and deliberate reality.

On Chanukah we usually make a bracha upon lighting the neiros, but if we aren’t able to light them, we make a brachah on SEEING the neiros. Our eyes on Chanukah are being sanctified, training us that we must not be hijacked by empty shells that the western world tempts us with.

So take a real intense look at those neiros as they burn and let them help you to really SEE and gain clarity.

May you all have a Lichtiger Chanukah!


Rabbi Cohen hails from London, England. He has learned in the illustrious yeshivos of Gateshead, Bais Medrish Gevoha (Lakewood), and Ponovisz. He is a popular teacher in several of Yerushalayim’s seminaries, and he lives in Bnei Brak with his wife and children. (Yes, he commutes everyday!!)