Elul 5771 – Are We Right? Part 4

Are We Right? Part 4 Elul5771
Are We Right? Part 4
by Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky


Dear Friend,

We have been dealing with the issue of machlokes in Judaism. How can it be that everyone is right? We have looked at two approaches – that both people are saying the same thing, but from different perspectives (Mar kdiasreh viMar kdiasreh each person was referring to the situation in their town).

The second approach was they are saying two equally and correct views, though they are diametrically opposed. This is the nature of Torah – a passuk can mean many different things – all of them true.

There is a third approach. Rashi explains in gemera kesuvos that sometimes, when two people are reporting what a third said, and both are giving opposite views, one of them must be wrong. This is a realistic possibility – a mistake was made.

The problem with this approach is you have to know enough to determine if someone is wrong, or expressing a different legitimate position. Today, people without knowing all of Torah think they are in a position to second guess Torah scholars who have mastered all of Torah. This is a tragic situation and weakens our respect for Torah and Torah scholars.

So this is an overview to a difficult issue. I hope this provides some clarity.


Dovid Orlofsky