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Rosh Hashana 5771 – Our Success is Hashem’s Desire – by Rabbi Menachem Nissel

Rosh Hashana 5771
Our Success Is Hashem’s Desire

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The theme of Rosh Hashana is “malchiyus” – crowning HaShem as King. There are many aspects to a King – what is the central dimension of HaShem’s Kingship?

The first time something appears is significant. It contains the foundation of all that follows.

In our daily prayers (shemoneh esrei) the first time we meet HaShem as a King is as a “Melech oizer moshiya umagen”. As the Vilna Gaon explains, HaShem is a King who helps us with our struggles (oizer), is there for us when it seems that all is lost (moshiya) and is constantly working for us behind the scenes to take care of us in every way (magen).

For that alone we should be filled with simcha – what a joy to have a King who is totally focused on helping us!

On Rosh Hashana, however, we go one step further.

The first time we meet HaShem as a King is as a “Melech chafetz bachayim” – a King who desires that we live and flourish. On His Day of Judgment not only does He do things for us – we stress that His deepest desire is our success. If that is His desire – then certainly everything is stacked in our favor.

We should enter Rosh Hashana filled with inner simcha knowing that the King of Kings has a deep love for us and wants us to succeed.

What a pleasure and an honor to crown Him as King on this awesome day!