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Tishrei 5766

12 Tishrei 5766

Pirkei Avos 2:7

“He (Hillel) also saw a skull floating on the water; he said to it: ‘Because you drowned others, they drowned you; and those that drowned you will be drowned eventually.’ “ (Avos 2:7)

“Mrs. Wachsman, don’t you see that G-d didn’t hear your prayers?” an Israeli reporter asked Mrs. Esther Wachsman, after her son and another soldier were killed by Arab terrorists, during an attempt to rescue her kidnapped son. (Mrs. Wachsman had people all over the world pray and light Shabbos candles in an effort to save her son.) “Who knows how many more soldiers would have died without those prayers” replied Mrs. Wachsman. “G-d heard the prayers and said ‘No’ ” replied Mr. Wachsman.

Hillel’s “eventually” tells us that G-d’s justice is perfect, but we may not see it right now. But we must realize that no sin, or good deed or prayer that we do or say is ever ignored. (The “No” of Mr. Wachsman means that it wasn’t answered now the way I wanted.)


Rabbi Chaim Flom

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