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Maggid Shiur
Time & Place
Miami, FL
The Ethical Personality
R’ Yochanan Zweig
The Talmudic University
4000 Alton Rd, Wednesdays @ 10 am
The Talmudic University, 305-534-7050
Insights into the Parsha
R’ Yochanan Zweig
The Talmudic University
Thursdays @ 9 pm
Monsey, NY
Various Topics
Alternating speakers
6 Asch Ave in Forshay
Chayi Weiss, 845-269-8845
Five Towns, NY
R’ Eytan Feiner
The White Shul
Mondays @ 11:15 am
Mrs. Esther Wein
Young Israel of Lawrence Cedarhurst
Thursdays @ 10 am
Shmiras Halashon
Dr. Annette Labovitz
Aish Kodesh
Mondays @ 10 am
Rebbetzin Weinberger
Aish Kodesh, in the classroom
Tuesdays @ 11 am
R’ Dovid Weinberger
Shaarey Tefillah
Wednesdays @ 10:15
Mrs. Shira Smiles
Shaarey Tefillah
Live Broadcast, Sundays @ 9 am
R’ Yossochar Frand
Shaarey Tefillah
Live Broadcast, Thursdays @ 9 am
The Awesomeness of the Torah and a Minute to Eternity
Rabbi Effie Goldman
Aish Kodesh
Sunday, August 5, 10:15am
Living with the Parsha
Mrs. Linda Nathan
Aish Kodesh
Wednesday, August 8,15, 8:30pm
Take Control! How to Change Your Life Script and Create New Realities
Mrs. Chana Silver
Aish Kodesh
Sunday, August 12, 10:15 am
Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn, NY
Chabura on Parsha
R’ Zechariah Wallerstein
Ohr Naava
2201 E 23rd St, Wednesdays @ 9:15 pm, for more
Mesilas Yesharim
R’ Dovid Goldwasser
Khal Bais Yitzchok
2016 Ave L, Tuesdays @ 8:15 pm
Queens, NY
Mrs. Esther Wein
136-05 72nd Rd.
Tuesdays @ 9:15 am
Cost: $10 / class
Passaic, NJ
R’ Ahron Cohen
Congregation Tifereth Israel, in downstairs beis medrash
180 Passaic Ave, Wednesdays @ 9:15 am
R’ Yissochar Frand
Congregation Tifereth Israel
Live Broadcast, Thursdays @ 9 pm
New York City, NY
Writings of the Maharal
R’ Dovid Cohen
Young Israel of the West Side
210 W91st St. Wednesdays @ 8pm
Chicago, IL
Toronto, Canada
Montreal, Canada
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