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About Us

Welcome to JemSem!!

We are pleased to have you join us.

Jemsem was started in 1998 by Rabbi Menachem Nissel. It is a seminary and post seminary website.

From time to time there will be new columns bursting with information for YOU, the sem and post sem woman! The columns are written by your sem Teachers and Rabbeim, and will be a great connection for you!

There are also Jemsem info updates that we send you to tell you about different things going on in Eretz Yisroel and the States, that you may want to be part of – shiurim, events, kiruv opportunities etc.

The general philosophy of the site is to give the seminary alumnae the ability to “Make a year last a lifetime” by giving continued chizuk and access to your teachers in Yerushalayim – hence, Jemsem = JErusaleM SEMinary Connection.

One of the amazing things on the site is the ARCHIVES. All of the columns since the site started are archived for you to browse through. All of this information really does pertain to YOU – a young woman out of seminary, facing the myriad of obstacles that are out there. All the archives are labeled for easy viewing on your topic of choice. There is a wealth of vital information inside that will be exceedingly useful to you. Spend time in the archives – it is well worth it!

We welcome your questions and look forward to receiving and answering them! If you want to sign your name, seminary and year on your letters, that would be great! Otherwise we will be happy to keep any part of that anonymous. We want your feedback as well!