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Who’s Who

Hosted by:
Yerushalayim Network
Site Manager & Coordinator
and author of Dear Chana:
Mrs. Chana Silver
Rabbinic Advisor:
Rabbi Menachem Nissel
Da Ma L’hashiv:
Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky
Ask a Shayla:
Rabbi Aaron Tendler
Halacha Tidbits:
Rabbi Moshe Rosenstein
Rena Reiser
Graphic Artist:
Orah Ritholtz
Chizuk From Yerushalayim, Column, and Database Coordinator:
Bracha Silver
With the Support of: •Michlalah
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•Afikei Torah
•Chedvas Bais Yaakov
•Meohr Bais Yaakov
•Tomer Devorah
•Bear Miriam
•Midreshet Tehillah

Mrs. Chana Silver

Mrs. Chana Silver is a popular teacher of varied subjects at several seminaries in Jerusalem, as well as a lecturer for Aish Hatorah’s Discovery Programs and Ner L’elef Kiruv Training. She has 30 years experience in education and kiruv. She has worked with, taught, and counseled teens, troubled teens, and young adults for many years. She has lectured round the world to many different types of people on a variety of topics. She is a crises intervention counselor as well as the head tour leader for Legacy/ Nesivos trips to Poland and Eastern Europe. She is the site manager/coordinator as well as the author of the column ‘Dear Chana’ on the site She is a dating mentor, and a marriage adviser to couples.

Rabbi Menachem Nissel

Rabbi Menachem Nissel was born and educated in Britain. He is a popular teacher in many seminaries in Yerushalayim and he lectures worldwide to vast audiences on a variety of topics, and he is the Rabbinic Advisor to NCSY. He has led trips to Poland and Eastern Europe as well as joined Rabbi Pesach Krohn as an educator on several of his tours. Rabbi Nissel is the author of Rigshei Lev – Women and Tefillah, and he is the creator and Rabbinic Advisor to JemSem. He lives in Yerushalayim with his wife Debbi and their children and grandchildren.

Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky

Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky has been involved in the field of Jewish education and outreach for over twenty years. He grew up in North Merrick, Long Island, one of six boys, of whom he is the quietest. He has studied in Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim and Yeshiva Heichal HaTorah and received smicha from Dayan Kopshitz, the Chief Rabbi of Nevi Tzvi. For nine years he was the Long Island Director of the National Conference of Synagogue Youth. Under his leadership the region grew from one member into an organization of over 1800 teens and pre-teens involved in it’s various programs. In 1988 Rabbi Orlofsky moved to Israel and lives in Jerusalem with his wife Simi and their children and grandchildren. He teaches Talmud and Bible in Yeshiva Ohr Somayach and Jewish Philosophy in Darchei Binah Seminary. His lectures have attracted thousands of people internationally and tens of thousands read his column on Jewish education. His book “The Last Book You Read Before You Assimilate” is awaiting publication.

Rabbi Aaron Tendler

Rabbi Aaron Tendler serves on the faculties of Yeshivas Ner Yisroel and Maalot Seminary in Baltimore, MD. He also is the Rabbi of the Etz Chaim Center for Jewish Living and Learning in Owings Mills, MD.

Rabbi Moshe Rosenstein

Rabbi Moshe Rosenstein is one of the deans of Tomer Devorah Seminary in Jerusalem. Rabbi Rosenstein and his family made aliyah in order to open the seminary along with Rabbi Noam Fix. Rabbi Rosenstein spent many years in America learning in kollel, most notably the Chicago Community Kollel. He has taught halacha and hashkafa classes in community shiurim as well as in Hanna Sacks Bais Yaakov in Chicago. Rabbi Rosenstein now teaches courses in Bein Adam L’chaveiro, Hilchos Shabbos, and Mesilas Yesharim in Tomer Devorah. For the past several years, he has also been on the educational staff for Legacy / Nesivos trips to Poland. He and his wife Leah and their four children live in Ramot Bet, Yerushalayim..

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