Av 5759 – Torah After Krias Shema Al Hamitah and/or Before Birkas Hatorah

1 Menachem Av 5759

L’chvod HaRav:

I was just wondering if one is allowed to learn Torah or listen to Jewish music (that are p’sukim and Divrei Tefilah) after saying Krias Sh’ma al HaMitah, and if one is allowed to listen to music in the morning before saying Birchas HaTorah?


[Name withheld upon request]
Michlalah 5757

Ideally, Krias Sh’ma and its accompanying verses should be the last thing you say before falling asleep. If one does not immediately fall asleep, the Mishna Brurah writes that one should repeat Krias Sh’ma again or think about divrei Torah. This would certainly include reading a sefer or reviewing notes from a recent class etc. Listening to music potentially poses different problems since the Shulchan Aruch writes that one should not listen to music since the destruction of the Temple. The custom is not to be stringent with this and it is permissible to listen to music when going to sleep and any other time during the day.

Before saying Birchas HaTorah in the morning, you are only prohibited from speaking divrei Torah. Listening and thinking about divrei Torah are permitted. Listening to music would be included in this permission.

Thanks for asking.