Adar 5767 – Bring Hashem to the Rescue – by Rabbi H Margolin

13 Adar 5767
Bringing Hashem to the Rescue

by Rabbi H Margolin

Megillas Esther does not mention the name of G-d even one time, as is well known. However in one place the name of G-d is spelled out in roshei tevot, the initial letters of four consecutive words, which are in the section where Esther invited Haman to join Achashverosh’s feast. She says: Yavo Hamelech V’Haman Hayom, May the King and Haman come today … .

The obvious question is why is this an appropriate place to provide the hint of Hashem’s involvement in the Purim story. The answer can be offered based on the question asked in the Gemara: “Why did Esther see fit to invite Haman to the feast at all? Wouldn’t it make more sense to beg for mercy without Haman being present?” Rebbe Nechemia answers that Esther was concerned that the Jews would count on her to take care of the problem by using her relationship with Achashverosh, so therefore she wanted to publicize that she had a friendship with Haman. This would force them to not take her willingness to help them for granted, and would thereby cause them to pray for their salvation with unmatched intensity.

Based on this we can understand that this is the appropriate place to indicate Hashem’s presence. This is the place in the story where she invited Haman to the feast thereby forcing the Jews to recognize that there is no salvation except with Divine intervention. This recognition is what causes Hashem to enter the picture.

There are many similarities between this and the times in which we live. When we see our pressures mounting in Israel and we can see no natural way out of these problems, it will cause us to pray from the very depths of our hearts. It is our praying with the depth felt by the Jews in the days of the Purim story that will likewise bring us in our generation to our salvation. For it is then that Hashem will enter our picture.