Adar 5764 – Tye-dyed T-shirts & Beged Ish

1 Adar 5764

Tye-dyed T-Shirts & Beged Ish

L’chvod HaRav,

Hi. My school had a tie-dying event and we tie-dyed boys t-shirts. I would like to wear mine, but I was curious if it is a problem of beged ish?

Thank you ,
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Thank for your interesting question. It is clear from the Shulchan Oruch, (Yorah De’ah 182) and the commentaries there that the prohibition for a woman to wear a man’s clothing (and vice versa) is only under the following conditions:

1. If the reason why you are doing so is to pose as a man, it is forbidden under all circumstances- even if you are doing so on Purim.

2. Even if you are not trying to pose as a man, but you are wearing something which, in your society, only men wear, it is forbidden if you are wearing it as an ornament, i.e. because you think you look good in it. If you are wearing it because you are cold, for comfort, or for some other reason, it is permitted.

Therefore it is permitted for a girl to wear a tie-dyed boys undershirt. In our society, girls wear tee-shirts as well as boys, and it can’t be considered something which is only worn by men, even if it was actually made for men. Likewise, if you are walking with your husband/Chosson and you are cold, you are permitted to wear his jacket (if he offers, which he hopefully will :-), no,chivalry is not dead yet!!) even though suit jackets of this type are only worn by men. You are wearing it because you are cold, and not to make a fashion statement. Similarly, a girl is permitted to wear boys pajamas and sweat pants, if she is doing this because they are more comfortable for her.

Take care,
Rabbi Aaron Tendler