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Pearls of Wisdom

Chizuk from Yerushalayim
An inspiring Dvar Torah written each month by different seminary Rabbaim and teachers.
Da Ma L'hashiv
A question and answer column by Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky. He answers kiruv and hashkafah questions with wisdom and, of course, his world renowned trademark wit and humor.
Ask a Shayla!
Rav Aaron Tendler will respond to your intriguing and interesting halacha questions succinctly, to the point, and very clearly.
Dear Chana
Torah advice with a woman's touch. Mrs. Chana Silver will answer your questions pertaining to dating, marriage, family, life issues, and hashkafah.
I Didn't Know That!! Halacha Tidbits
Rabbi Moshe Rosenstein will provide you with important and pertinent halachos that perhaps you weren’t aware of – or didn’t have clearly.

Golden Links

Tefillah Corner
A place to post names of loved ones you want people to daven for. The Jemsem email lists reach several thousand girls. A lot of tefillah can be generated in this way.
Shiurim Lists
Classes in key cities and locations.
News & Views
We want to hear your feedback / thoughts/ and ideas!
JemSem Links
Links to Torah, Eretz Yisrael, and other websites.
One of the amazing things on the site is the ARCHIVES. All of the columns since the site started are archived for you to browse through. All of this information really does pertain to YOU – a young woman out of seminary, facing the myriad of obstacles that are out there. All the archives are labeled for easy viewing on your topic of choice. There is a wealth of vital information inside that will be exceedingly useful to you. Spend time in the archives – it is well worth it!